Saidiya Initiative Uganda is a non-profit organization that provides funding and services for a number of projects including Saidiya Foster Care Program and Saidiya Home. Both of these projects provide support and services for orphans and vulnerable children in a foster care setting.


To eradicate poverty, illiteracy and school dropping out through providing scholastic materials and school fees to school going children from less privileged families

To provide food to the elderly and single struggling mothers.

Ensuring safe supply of safe drinking water to the communities ravaged with extreme poverty


Obtaining poverty free,litrate,self reliant community with brilliant people with no water born diseases.

Saidiya Foster Care Program is located inUganda, primarily in Namayingo Districts. Saidiya's team of social workers work with District Child Welfare Officers to identify children who are orphaned and vulnerable. Social workers move within the community's providing food, clothes, agricultural support, school fees, medical care, hygiene products, and counseling services to the children and their families.

Saidiya Home is located in Namayingo District in Eastern Uganda. It opened in 2018 and was officially registered in 2022 in response to the overwhelming need for services for orphaned and vulnerable children with long term medical conditions, largely as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It provides food, clothing, school fees, and counseling services for these children who are living with families in the community.


Magen Charles is a graduate from makerere university, he is the executive director and one of the founder members of saidiya initiative based in Namayingo district Eastern Uganda. Mr Charles is a young vibrant vision bearer of Namayingo district through his charity organization .

TEL: +256783555709

Email : magencharles991@gmail.com

Meet Mr Faisal Mugoya working as Head of Finance at Saidiya intiative Uganda with knowledge in leadership, financial management from Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU).

TEL: +256770937955

Email : mailto:mugoyafaizal18@gmail.com

Meet Mr. Waiswa Robert our managing director and founding member of Saidiya Initiative Uganda with vast knowledge in organizations management .

Meet Mrs Nambooze Hasifah matron foster home

Tel: +256755617896,

Mr Ndugu julius is our chatechist and a founding member of Saidiya Initiative Uganda .